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Júlia fotóProbably you wish to know what the reasons were behind founding the First Hungarian CSR Association (Első Magyar CSR Egyesület).
It might not be easy to answer why we have launched it, although for us founders (economists, managers, CEOs, PR and marketing communication experts, CSR consultants and experts) it is obvious: we think the establishment of an organisation is nearly always generated by a professional gap or a problem to be solved.

The main problem is clear.
On the one hand, as a result of external factors (Brussels, trends, parent company, other companies do the same), the business sector had to get active extremely fast and decidedly in the fields of sustainable development and CSR – in some cases without the supporting professional basics.

On the other hand, there is an emerging specialised, yet at the same time inter- and multidisciplinary CSR sector, where the “rules of the game” have not been defined yet.
From a professional point of view, we intend to focus on the responsibility of the business sector (see the work in the various sections). However, it does not rule out supporting other stakeholders with our expertise.

The keywords of our activity are community, cooperation and locality.

  • Community – because as enterprises we wish to be valuable members of our local communities, who respect and contribute to the shared (economic, social and environmental) values of our communities.
  • Cooperation – we are open to all national and international cooperation which is characterised by reciprocality, honesty and respect for each other’s work and ideas.
  • Locality – CSR (and also sustainable development) will remain a theory unless it is implemented locally.

You can join the work of three sections:

  • C(s)R management (topics: monitoring, environment, community, HR, developing a national c(s)r policy, a framework for converting responsible operation into a business asset, and the synergy of various fields)
  • Communication (c(s)r and the organisation; the national and international communication of the projects of the organisation, establishing an in-company knowledge base)
  • Junior and Education and training (members-only: professional further training; public: c(s)r training for other stakeholders

In brief, we wish to respect tomorrow today!

Yours sincerely,
Julia Takacs
president of First Hungarian CSR Association
general manager (CSR Hungary)

Telephon: +36-1-391-0079
Email: info@hungariancsr.org